Here are a few Booking Tips for Online Taxi Booking. Hope you find them useful:-

1. You may book either online or over phone, but make sure that in either ways, you get an SMS/email with booking details. If you do not receive it within half an hour of your booking, kindly call back and inquire for the same at our customer care.

2. Once you get the SMS/email for booking confirmation, kindly do not delete it till you have travelled successfully, paid the driver and obtained the bill.

3. Once you get the SMS/email confirmation, kindly check in with the details in there. In case of any information not matching, like pickup point and time, destination, etc., do call back immediately for a rectification. Remember that these details are also sent to the driver. If it is wrong, one cannot blame the driver for a delay or related inconvenience.

4. Also make sure that the confirmatory SMS/email comes with the driver's contact no. and the cab no. Without that, you cannot track down the driver and know when he is reaching at the eleventh hour.

5. Before booking a cab, if you are from outside Delhi, make sure you know exactly the names of your pickup location and destination. There are instances where two places of similar names exist, like Delhi Kalibari and Dakshin Delhi Kalibari, or IIT Gate and IIT Hostel Gate! Make sure you know the exact and correct name, since similar names may not necessarily mean the locations are adjacent!

6. In case of larger areas, it is important to specify the exact sector no. For example, in CR Park and RK Puram, there exist so many sectors that are kilometers apart! Thus, be specific with your pickup as well as destination locations.

7. Make sure you know the approximate duration of travel from one place to another. If you are from outside Delhi, tell us the time when you need to reach your destination rather than when to be picked up. A wrong pickup time may make you miss your flight or train, so don't take that risk, and leave it to us! Just call us to give your time of reaching a destination, and we'll suggest you the best time to pick you up. Ponder on it before you book us for these timings.

8. Make sure you call us at least 2 hours before your scheduled pickup. We understand that in case of emergency, that may not be possible. But if you give us a considerable time to plan your travel, we can serve you better and with a higher level of comfort and convenience.

9. In order to have a convenient travel, make sure that your luggage suits a sedan. All the cabs in our fleet are sedans, and we hope to provide you enough space for the luggage during travel, but if you can plan the right amount of luggage for us, it can only improve your level of comfort during the travel.