1. How to book a cab online?
A: It's very easy. Go to the web portal Give your name, location and contact number on the spaces provided. Give the destination of your travel, and the pickup timing. Click on the 'Book' option and you get an SMS with your booking details, the car no., the driver's contact no. as well as the approximate duration of travel!

2. What if I do not get an SMS?
A: Just give a call on our number-011 4506 4506, and we'll confirm you the details of your booking.

3. Can I book via mobile?
A: Of course, you can! Just dial our number-011 4506 4506, and get your booking done by talking to a customer care executive. It's on 24X7.

4. What if the cab does not reach on time?
A:Our SMS carries the driver's contact no. Call him up well before time to know when he is reaching! If he is still late, just call us back! We'll do the rest!

5. Can I be compensated if I'm late in reaching the destination?
A: Well, that will depend on a few factors. If the driver was late to reach, we may have the onus on us. But, if you were late to start or if there was a traffic jam, we really can't help! To avoid this, you must select your pickup time judiciously keeping enough cushion for unforeseen hindrances.

6. How to register a complaint?
A: Once again, that's easy! Just call on our number-011 4506 4506, any time to register a complaint. But please have your booking reference number with you for us to satisfy you in a better way!

7. What if the driver misbehaves?
A: Immediately call us and we'll take care of it! We hope to give you a good ride every time you choose us, but even if such a mishap occurs, please pardon us! And surely, call us for an action right away!

8. What about travel safety at nights?
A: Our whole fleet of cabs is GPRS enabled. Thus, we can locate the exact place of all our cabs through satellite services. If we notice any abnormal activity on our network at any point of time, like a cab standing at an undefined location for too long, we are quick enough to call up the cab driver to inquire. So, be safe with us and need not worry! Customer satisfaction and safety come foremost in our mission.

9. Can the driver charge me more than the meter?
A: No, he can't. Pay him only the reading on the meter. Don't forget to ask for a meter generated bill. And, of course, call us back immediately if an argument ensues. We hope that our section on FAQ about online Cab booking will be helpful in this regard.

10. Do I have to ask for a bill?
A: No, a bill should come your way on its own! But in case you do not get it before you pay, kindly ask for it. If there is no bill given, you simply won't have to pay, and your ride is free!