Best Cab Fare Deal Confirmed !


At major cities, it is often difficult to book cabs for a longer duration, as the cab services practice only point to point pick and drop facility. In the smaller cities, this is comparatively easier as here, the number of regular travelers all through the day is less. Thus, at these cities, booking for a full or a half day pays a better dividend for the cab services, reducing the idle time of cabs.
However, no more is that impossible in Delhi and NCR! At, we are providing you with the first time service in Delhi with a half or full day booking facility for cabs. This makes it possible to go for site seeing in and around Delhi and even cover the NCR for outsiders who do not have their private vehicle in here. Thus, not only people from outside Delhi but also the foreigners can now book a cab with us and go for a full day site seeing at a greater comfort and convenience!

Easy to book!
The very first thing that creates an obstacle for a newcomer in a city is how to get hold of a cab! This has been taken care of by our 24X7 services through website and call centers. What you have to do is to only make a Google search for us and get on to our web page. Here, you have the options of various booking facilities that we offer, along with the tabs for filling up your personal contact numbers. The moment you go for cab booking for half day/full day with us, you receive an SMS as a confirmation. This also gives you the contact number of the driver along with the car number. Thus, you now are sure that there will be someone to pick you up at the right time, and your holiday will not get spoiled by mere waiting! This is such a friendly affair that even foreigners stepping into Delhi for the first time can book at ease and plan his or her holidays here!

Wide coverage!
It is not that we serve you only in Delhi. You can book us for any point of pick up in the NCR, including Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad! Even if want to go distances, like in Agra, we cater to you! This is a facility never before offered in Delhi! Thus, you can now have a cab booking for half day/full day to anywhere near Delhi that you want for site seeing!

Great comfort!
All our cabs are sedans, thus giving you little chance to complain of space crunch and luggage space. Travelling all the day long can make you tired, but with us, you are sure to get rejuvenated the moment you get in, owing to the great audio systems and the AC that our fleet has! So, next time you are stepping in to Delhi to spend a great weekend, do remember to give us a call! We will surely make your visit memorable, and would like to feel obliged in being of any service and help to you!